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Muhaymin Atih

I found the right course that i was looking for here. Teaching was not the usual approach to online study its more on one on one mentoring and the examination was just like the classroom examination where your teacher is watching over you, so the result of the certification is really authentic and controlled. Really […]


Thomas Gyamerah

I am highly glad for being part of your institution and taking part in this particular course. Throughout the course, it is been great; the time you people took me through my coordinator was special in assisting me when I encountered problems. It was an exciting one month period. This course is very educative which […]


Mikaherilala Andriano

The admins of Texila are very kind and understanding, they really work hard to make sure you understand the rules and course outline given by the school. They work ways to help you succeed and pass all requirements. I am glad to have chosen them and to have been part of them.


Ahmad Halliru

I had a excellent training course at Texila on Certificate in Biomedical basis of disease, now my knowledge improved on Pathological processes, common diseases, drug therapy, structure, function of major organ system and emphasizes the alteration organ systems with Clinical manifestation these diseases produce.