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  • Accounting Finance

    Certificate in Accounting and Finance

    • Read and understand financial statements
    • Financial statement analysis
    • How to use accounting information to plan and control your business and make decisions
  • Research Methodology

    Certificate in Advanced Research Methodology

    • Describe the scientific method as it is applied to research in public health practice.
    • Identification of the research problem and defining objectives of the study. Describe the relevance of the problem chosen for research, through good literature review.
    • Identify an appropriate study design and apply it to produce valid results.
    • Describe effectively and interpret the present results to fellow scientists and investigators, policy-makers and administrators, and the public.
    • Demonstrate the proposal writing to funding agencies for grant of funds. Be responsive to ethical issues and safeguard the interest of all stakeholders.
  • Advertising Promotion

    Certificate in Advertising and Sales Promotion

    • Gain a deeper understanding of advertising and the various strategies involved in effective advertisement.
    • Get inspired by the new techniques and methods in setting advertising objectives.
    • Become an expert in designing strategies for media planning and for various sales promotion techniques
  • Applied Biostatistics

    Certificate in Applied Biostatistics

    • Classify the variables into nominal, ordinal, discrete and continuous.
    • Describe basic concepts of probability, random variation and commonly used statistical probability distributions.
    • Interpret the descriptive statistics, inferential statistics, correlation coefficient and regression from a given data
    • Apply descriptive and inferential methodologies according to the type of study design for answering a particular research question.
    • Perform descriptive and inferential statistics from a given data using statistical software
  • Banking-financial-services

    Certificate in Banking and Financial Services

    • Attempts to facilitate the understanding of the concept of Banking and Financial Services.
    • Appreciate the various services offered by Banking and Financial Services Industry
    • Gain a sense of role of Banking and Financial Services in the growth of a country’s economy.
    • Understand the math behind the various policies of Banks and Financial Services
  • Biostatistics

    Certificate in Biostatistics

    • Impart knowledge about the basic concept of biostatistics
    • Recognise different types of data and present them in suitable graphs and diagrams
    • Explain and apply the statistical methods in biomedical and public health research
    • Explain written and oral presentations based on statistical analyses
    • Interpret results acquired from statistical analysis
    • Discuss the designing of statistical models and experiments
  • Re-engineering

    Certificate in Business Process Re-Engineering

    • Discuss the concept, evolution and philosophy of Business Process Reengineering.
    • Elaborate  the different BPR Methodologies, models, techniques and approaches
    • Outline the various elements of Business Process Management and its relationship with BPR
    • Analyse the relationship between BPR, Information Technology and various emerging trends and approaches.
  • Research Methods

    Certificate in Business Research Methods

    • Impart knowledge and skills needed for conducting and evaluating business research
    • Develop an understanding of the basic framework of research process
    • Familiarize the students to the types of research designs
    • Inculcate a sense of understanding various sources of information for review of literature and data collecting
    • Develop analytical skills of business research
    • Develop the skills of scientific communication
  • conflict-management

    Certificate in Conflict Management

    • Interpret the meaning of conflict
    • Explain the disadvantages associated with conflict
    • Determine role of an individual’s view in conflict
    • Explain the four basic personality types