Certificate in Population and Family Health


  • Describe population and family health issues in focus on social problems.
  • Enumerate the demographic cycle and theoretical models of population
  • Assessment of family and enlist family risk.
  • Describe ¬†interventions based on the family assessment in relation to health issues
  • Explain the family structure, family function and the family process of family health, demonstrate the current issues to overpopulation in relation to the health issue


Globally, the care and focus on the population and family health being as a great goals to achieve an optimum health level for the community .This course is designed to cover the issue related to family and population health with focus on the potential risks and vulnerable group whiting the community, in this course student will explore the demographic cycle, measurement of the population model of family nursing and evaluation of the socio-economics and cultural factors influence the population and family health .This course will provide instructional and clinical learning experiences on the principles of community health, public and family health nursing, this course cover the public health methods that are applied in an intervention based on family assessment.

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3 Months


Certificate of Completion


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