Certificate in Public Health Management


  • Discuss managerial processes such as management cycle, resources, planning, implementation, evaluation, health systems, product and services.
  • Explain planning cycle, its importance to sustain the systems
  • Discuss the rational and process involved in strategic plan frame work, group dynamics and leadership is management tools in health system
  • Discuss social marketing as a contemporary issue in Promoting health technology.
  • Describe an apply human resources management in workplace environment.
  • Explain the purpose of policy mechanism of its process and advocacy in public health.


Public Health Management is a branch of public health profession which involves management of public health threats. Public health is concerned with the health of population, rather than specific care for individual patients. Therefore, this course is developed to provide doctoral students in public health, who are likely to occupy management- level positions in health systems, with skills is matters relating to all aspects of national health care systems i.e.; primary, secondary and tertiary health care systems. The course will cover aspects of health systems administration and management, health policy formulation and implementation strategies. Methods and strategies for quality assurance in health care delivery system, programme planning, implementation and evaluation, training methods for community health care and human resources management is public health.

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3 Months


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