Certificate in Strategic Cost Management

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  • Describe the strategic cost management concepts, frameworks, and applications.
  • Examine the skills necessary to interpret complex financial and operational data that can drive recommendations to internal & external stakeholders
  • Describe the role of cost information in organisations
  • Know the business and finance acumen necessary to interpreting strategic level issues impacting an organisation
  • Examine the decision making skills necessary to succeed in a strategic analysis.


Strategic Cost Management introduces students to the techniques and processes available to assist managers in planning and controlling organisational activities. It deals in depth with the process of identifying, measuring, analysing, interpreting and communicating information to managers in pursuit of the organisations goals. Costs are a primary building block, which students were introduced to in Accounting for Decision Making. This subject takes students beyond the simple context to a far more complex level and provides the technical competence necessary for students to understand the role of cost information in organisations. This course will specifically cover the linkage between cost data and systems and the organisation of activities in a range of manufacturing and service industries; how to match cost systems with activities and resource flows in a range of manufacturing and service activities; how to apply appropriate cost allocation techniques to a variety of costing problems; the development of strategies for managing costs as well as an explanation of the role of cost data in pricing decisions.

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